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Who: All Dance Dayz students are invited to perform! It is optional but highly encouraged for all ages and classes. You will register to participate in the event using the link below.

When:  Recital show time is Saturday, June 22, 2024 @ 1:00 pm. We are having 1 show this year. 

Where: Lincoln High School 4777 Imperial Ave, S.D., CA 92113​. 

Cost: We are creating an all-inclusive bundle for each student.

Regular Pricing is $175 
(NOTE: this bundle does not include tickets. Please see below for what the bundle does includes)

*Order your recital package through the link below* 



We are also so excited to offer student shout-outs this year as well as business sponsorships in our program! *Available later this month*



Interested? Click the link below to place your order!


Ticket FAQs
Information to come!

Ticket Information: 

Tickets will be available to purchase weeks prior to the event.

Because we are having only one show this year, although the venue holds up to 799 people, we anticipate selling out. You can purchase your tickets at the link below below the ticket FAQs.


Thank you for your support. We are looking forward to a great end-of-the-year program! 

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